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As a leading worldwide innovator and supplier of fire protection products and systems, Intumex Asia Pacific is acutely aware of the importance of product quality and consistency. These factors are critical because human life and valuable property depend on them. First produced in 1934, DURASTEEL® became part of the Intumex product range in 1980.

As a passive fire protection specialist, Intumex Asia Pacific has been instrumental in protecting life, the environment and financial investment. As such, Intumex offers systems that are technically advanced and value-engineered to meet today’s market needs. We use our specialist technical knowledge and engineering skill to develop fire and blast protection for some of the world's most valuable industries. These include major projects for nuclear power plants, gas terminals, offshore production platforms, chemical processing plants and refineries.

DURASTEEL® passive fire and explosion resistant systems combine to fortify and protect vulnerable and hazardous areas, minimising the possibility of major disaster. We do not simply manufacture innovative products but rather a comprehensive system service that aims at achieving the best possible solution for specific fire or blast protection problems. We offer advice at the design stage, provide construction detailing and where necessary, special project oriented product and system testing which enables the manufacture of custom-built solutions to be tailored to specific needs.

Our commitment to quality and to continual product and system research, development and testing enable you to specify DURASTEEL® systems with confidence. All Intumex products are manufactured under accredited EN ISO 9000 quality assurance procedures, and our products and systems are extensively tested to all relevant national standards for fire and impact resistance, and acoustic and thermal insulation.


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