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Introduction  Durablast® DBD

Man made disasters are often harrowing and tragic events. Yet from them we gain valuable lessons which can lead to improved legislation. Whether the applications are industrial, commercial or domestic, fire, explosion, hazardous emissions and terrorist activity all have to be taken into account by today’s engineers. The benefits of such safety improvements result in reduced risk, reduced loss and reduced cost to lives, property and the environment.

For example, one system developed to protect against such situations is the Intumex DURABLAST®  DBD range of blast doorsets. These products have been designed to withstand blast pressures up to 1.52 Bar with a fire performance of 240 minutes.

The DURABLAST®  DBD range has been independently tested at the Building Research Establishment at Cardington, UK. specifically for the offshore market. However, these products can also be used in a diverse range of industrial and commercial applications, including power generation, chemical and paint plants, control room protection, defence establishments and anti-terrorist installations.

The DURABLAST®  DBD range can be supplied as an integral part of the DURASTEEL® FIREBLAST® system or as an individual item to be fitted into any blast resistant construction. The range covers single and double leaf constructions for internal and external use. The high impact resistance and durability of the DURASTEEL® sheet means that once installed, the doorsets are virtually maintenance free.

Intumex DURABLAST® DBD – BRE Cardington Blast Door Test

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