DURASTEEL® Fire Protection Systems  - Distributed in Australia by Promat Australia
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  DURASTEEL® Fire Barriers

Painting And Decorating

is self-finished in either galvanised or stainless steel and requires no decoration. However, any conventional paint deemed suitable for use of galvanised steel may be used. Alkali resistant primers are not necessary. Water based paints (with a watered down first coat) or oil based paints can be applied using proprietary primer/top coat systems as recommended by paint manufacturers. DURASTEEL® should be de-greased with a solvent based cleaning agent, before any form of decoration is applied. The paint manufacturers recommendations should be followed at all times.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Panels do not normally require any maintenance in use. In the unlikely event that panels are broken or cracked, they should be replaced rather than repaired in order to ensure fire performance is maintained

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75 years of high performance fire protection
DURASTEEL® stands alone as a unique ‘fit-and-forget’ fire protection system    

A Durable Fibre Cement & Steel Composite Building Material

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